Tea for each Enneagram personality type

Trista Laborn

Enneagram is a personality type to help you understand how you function as a person. It's not a complete break down but is a tool to help you understand more about yourself. You can click here to learn more about different enneagram types.

There are 9 enneagram types, Which is where the word: Ennea= Nine and Gram= Diagram in greek comes from and each one is completely different just like our personalities.

At different times in our life during stressful times, hurtful or healthy times we tend to lean towards other numbers. During those times its what the ennegram world calls wings. The link above explains more about the core enneagram number and our "wings."

Nine Enneagram Types and their Teas

I LOVE tea and I also love learning about my personality in different ways. I feel as though this enneagram personality type comes very close. I've taken other personality tests before and they vaguely explain my personality. Enneagram dives deep into the different layers of our personality.

Type 1: Perfectionist (Chamomile, Ginger, Lemongrass)

Type 1s has a strong sence of right and wrong and always improving. So I recommended Chamomile, Ginger and Lemongrass tea as calming but with a strong bite taste with the ginger for a type 1 to make sure things are running right in the world.

Type 2: The Helper (MoodCycle Herbal Tea)

Type 2s are considered the givers. They are selfless, dependable and loving. Which is why I recommend our Moodcycle tea because this tea was created to help duing the week or two before your period can be tough to handle. Many of us are all too familiar with bloating, headaches, hormonal aches & pains that come with our period every month or couple of weeks. This is where our moodcycle herbal tea helps.

Type 3: The Achiever (Morning Blend)

Type 3s are ambitious, success driven and competived, so type 3s need something to get their start in the day. Which is why I recommended our Morning Blend. It was formulated with black tea, which has high amounts of caffeine and naturally sweet with our cinnamon and orange peel blend.

Type 4: The Romantic (Berry White)

Type 4s are the sensitive, emotional, creative basicly in touch with their feelings personality. Which is why I recommend Berry White. This tea was formulated with delicate white tea rose petals and rose buds and the sweetness of cranberries, which this tea blend is perfect for the romantic enneagram type.

Type 5: The Thinker (Sweet Tea Dreams)

My husband is a type 5 and is very much a thinker. They are very knowledgeable which makes them wise and easy to talk to as well. Which is why I recommend Sweet Tea Dreams as the perfect blend for this enneagram type. Type 5s love to spend time thinking in their head. They can be social but only for a limited amount of time and then go alone to re-charge their "batteries". Our Sweet Tea blend does just that with chamomile, lavender, peppermint flavors to help them relax.

Type 6: The Loyalist (Sorrell Punch)

Type 6s are very loyal to their friends and family and very protective. Which is why I went with our Sorrell Punch blend, it is a very stable blend with the main ingredient as the Hisbiscus flower which is very stable, with just few ingredients.

Type 7s: The Enthusiantist (My Morning Greens)

I am a type 7 and very proud of it. Sevens are very high-spirited, versetaile, playful, and practical. Because of that, I choose our "My Morning greens" blend because the tea itself is very versatile, you can add lemon, make it an ice tea, drink it with sugar/honey or even on its own.

Type 8s: The Challenger (Jasmine Field of Orchards)

Type 8s are strong, powerful and bold in personality. Eights love a challenge and strong enough to take on any conflicts. Which is why I recommend Jasmine Field of Orchards because of how strong the Jasmine flavor is. It doesn't over power the ingredients but you know its there, just like the eight challenger.

Type 9s: The Peacemaker (Chamomile Mint)

Type 9s love to work on their own peace of mind. Nines want to bring peace to the world around them. Which is why I recommend our Chamomile mint blend. It is very delicate and sweet all in one sip. Chamomile has a natural calming effect perfect for a type 9.

Want to know your Enneagram personality type? You can learn more here

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