Tea and Art

Trista Laborn

At times, I don't consder myself a creative artist but when I sit, slow down and take a breath, I do realize I'm creative and artistic is some ways, for example: 

  1. When I create herbal teas, based off of inspiration from around me
  2. When I schedule fun trips, we've never done before with my family
  3. When I create natural bath & body products for my skin
  4. When I'm trying to find something creative to cook for dinner
  5. When I decorate my house with family photos and meaningful items to feel at home

Just to name a few, I'm more than capeable of being creative just from everyday living and never really thought about it as being an artist because it was everyday things I do without thinking.

What does it mean to be an artist?

Author and artist, Emily Lex kneeled down in her closet floor praying to God about what to do with her life.

She heared the spirit say: "Be an artist" What that meant to her was: slowing down, taking a breath, seeing the beauty in things, using your gifts, talents and passions to serve one another."

The definition of being an Artist by: is defined by someone who processes creative qualities that enable him or her to excel at producing creative works. (For full explaination, click the link above).

Watercolor Paintings!

Emily's watercolor paitings looks so relaxing and peaceful. She even has classes that help you create water color paitings for Adults and Kids. Which is so cool because summer is here and I'm looking for creative ways for my kids to enjoy and not just look at tv or play video games all summer.

In addition to her having watercolor paintings with classes that show you how to use and draw with watercolors, she also has scripture cards for both adults and kids.

Again, this is perfect because during school, my kids go to a private christian school and learn bible verses through the year and I want to continue that during the summer.

So each Truth card with a favorite bible verse and an original watercolor illustration by emily is a perfect start to helping my children learn more of the bible in a fun way.

You can learn more on her website definitely read more about her in the about section story of how she got started, very inspiring.


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