Sweet Tea Dreams Herbal Tea

Trista Laborn

Getting a good night sleep is the goal after a long day of work. At times in life sleep can come easy and other times you need something a little extra to help you get that good nights sleep.

Sweet Tea Dreams is one of my BESTSELLERS! I get customers all the time that try this tea and cannot stop raving about how good this tea is and how it helps them relax and sleep.

I've had one customer say she takes nightquil every night to help her sleep and drinking my tea was a way better option for her and helps her sleep without the headaches in the morning.

Nightquil actually has about 10% of alcohol in its list of ingredients. That is compared to a glass of white wine. At night you just want to relax and have a good nights sleep without all the chemicals, alcohol and headaches in the morning.

That is where I came up with Sweet Tea Dreams. Made with Hibiscus, Chamomile, lavender, Valerian root and peppermint. Which all these ingredients add to the beneifts of relaxing at the end of the day.

Valerian root is actually one of the ingredients used in sleep aids and sedatives you can find over the counter in tablet form at the drug stores. With sleep aids there are side effects with so many artificial ingredients. It also has a strong odor to it but tastes nothing like it smells.

Hibiscus has been said to:

- Lower blood pressure

- Reduce Cholerstoal levels

- Protects aganist bacteria inside of the body

- Have a tart and sweet tasteĀ 

Lavender & Chamomile studies has shown:

- Both Lavender & Chamomile to both help with relaxing muscle tention in the body

- Helps with anxiety

- Helps to remove toxins in the body

Benefits of Peppermint:

- Freshens breath

- Ease digestive upsets

- Improve sleep

- Helps with migranes and headaches

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