5 Mother's Day gift guide for tea lovers

Trista Laborn

Mother's Day is just around the corner. If your mother or friend is a tea lover like mine, spending hours trying to find that fun and budget friendly gifts can be daunting. I took the guess work out for you and have listed 5 Mother's Day gift ideas for tea lovers like me.

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5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers

The Perfect Mug

Mothers day, mug, tea lovers

I was looking for a gift for my mother and saw these mugs and went NUTS at how beautil and coloful they looked and it has a wooden lid on the top which makes it even more artisan looking. Perfect mug to keep your tea warm longer.

Tea Mug Warmer

mothers day, gift, tea lover

This is the perfect Mother's Day gift for a busy mom always taking care of everyone else and leaving her tea cold, here is a convient tea warmer to keep the tea nice and warm, even when you get interrupted by life, this warmer is there to keep your beverave perfectly warm.

Tea Garden

mothers day, gifts, tea lovers

How perfect is this. For moms that have that "green thumb" and a tea lover, you will become their favorite child when you purchase this for the Tea lover in your life. This kit comes with: Mint, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile seeds, etc plus a Herbal Tea instructional guide book, perfect for the tea lover in your life, they will be set!

Herbal Tea Kit

mothers day, tea lover, tea kit

Here's a tea kit with samples of most of my tea on the website, with a tea filter. As a tea lover myself having a varitey of creately crafted herbal teas is exciting and lifts my spirits everytime.

Tea recipe cookbook

Mothers day, tea lover, downton abbey

Last but not least, what is more perfect to end this list of exciting and perfect Mother's Day gift ideas than a recipe cookbook filled with tea. This book is packed filled with classic recipes inspired by the Downton abbey series. Such as sweet, savory treats, etiquette, service tips and so much more.





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