10 unique ways to use tea

Trista Laborn

Now that you started drinking loose leaf, what do you do after drinking the best tea of your life? Here are 10 unique ways you can use tea and the old tea leaves.


1. Cooking with Tea.

You can use different types of tea to cooking with in spices. Different spices can create a type of smoke for meats while grilling. This type of method is increasingly becoming very popular today. Even as a marinade, chai blends are excellent for marinating and tenderizing meats.

*Bonus Tip: You can also use it as an alternative to making smoothies. Instead of adding water or milk, you can add room temperature tea or cold brew tea for added flavor and nutrients. 

2. Tea can be used as a beauty treatment

There are so many benefits to tea as a whole. One of the main benefits is tea has high antioxidants and using tea as a beauty treatment creates multiple ways for tea benefits to be used. You can mix tea with sugar, oat flour or even salt and use it as an exfoliate. Matcha, Green tea (More than black tea) can be used as a mask treatment in moisturizing the skin.

3. Hair rinse 

A hair rinse is used to remove built-up residue from artificial products that have been used in your hair. Using herbal tea can leave your hair clean, shiny and smelling great. You can use the leaves of the tea after drinking your favorite cup of tea as a hair rinse.

4. Tea as a deodorizer

You can use old tea leaves to help deodorize your fridge, instead of baking soda or if you have teenagers like I do, using tea bags in their shoes helps as well. Herbal teas are perfect for this.

5. Glass cleaner

Another way of using old tea leaves is by using it as a glass cleaner. Simply, strain the last bit of tea from the tea leaves into a container, use a towel to soak up the tea and use the towel to wipe over the glass surface.



6. Aging paper

The method of "Aging paper" can be done by making black tea and soaking the white paper, can quickly darken the paper giving it an aged look. Some even burn the edges of the paper to enhance the illusion. This is an inexpensive way to make something look more "vintage-looking".

7. Skin toner 

As I stated in the beginning, tea has so many benefits. Using leftover tea leaves as a skin toner can moisturize and brighten the skin. This is more natural and herbal teas can be used as a great starter to this beauty treatment. Simply pour the tea into a spray bottle and use a facial toner, anytime you need a moment to wake up or to moisturize the skin. A popular skin toner is rose water. Rosewater is simply dried rose petals boiled and strained into a bottle for use.

*Bonus Tip: When using this method you can add essential oils that are safe to use on the face for added benefits.

8. Fabric Dye

Like aging paper, as stated above, you can dye fabric. You can do this by brewing a strong pot of black tea or with herbal tea, such as hibiscus tea and completely submerge the cloth or fabric and allowing it to sit in the tea for at least 30 minutes or longer for a strong color and after soaking, let it sit and dry for a few hours and enjoy.



9. Bath Teas

Spas use tea as another beauty treatment. This type of tea bath does not focus on the taste but the function of the teas and flowers used in a bath. You can simply get white, or green tea and sprinkle some in your bath and add flowers such as lavender, chamomile, or peppermint for an ultimate experience.

10. Compost

Used tea leaves can be used in plants or the soil. It can add rich nutrients to the plants. You can also grind up the used tea leaves and use it for potting soil, blending it to a batch of soil can maintain moisture for the plant.

These are just 10 ways you can use tea and used tea leaves in your life. These ways can spark some ideas you can use in your personal daily life.

What are some ways you have used tea leaves?

A resource used to write this post: "The Everything healthy tea book." By: Babette Donaldson

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